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God’s is in the habit of visiting His people. Many times, however, His visitations happen in very unique ways. For example, Jesus came into this world as a baby. During the Passion week, He came into the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey.The last part of the passage in Luke 19:28- 46, the Bible speaks of Jesus weeping over the city of Jerusalem because they did not recognize the time of the Lord’s visitation. I believe that Jesus visits us daily and that it is possible to miss the season of His visitation. God also visits through people He sends to speak to us. Each time God speaks, there is a potential that great things can change in our lives. Even after you have received Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. There are seasons God has ordained in your life to transform you and take you deeper and deeper in love with Him. If not on the alert, those visitations can be missed.The season of the coronavirus pandemic is also a season of the Lord’s visitation. In the old testement, God intervened in human lives with plagues to communicate a message to get His people’s attention. Those who opened their hearts up to God, found mercy and help in time of need like we see in Psalm 106:30 “But Phinehas had the courage to intervene, and the plague was stopped”. NLT What you see as a Covid-19 pandemic may be a season for God to take you through what you could never learn by reading and give you an experience that would last a life time. We have to be alert to what God is saying and what He is doing in our lives. One way of doing that is meditating on any word you receive from God as a personal word for you and not as a word for somebody else.  Life comes in seasons as the bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes ‘there is a season for everything under the sun’. So rejoice as you go through this season and let God transform you in the process and bring you out of it refined like silver or gold.