The CPA Outreach team has had a very good year in terms of personal growth and ministry. At this time the team consists of Wendy Wiebe (worship leader), Nelly Schlosser, Keith Armstrong and Gail Grandel.
At present we minister at the Auxiliary, Porcupine Lodge and Claresholm Care Center, but we hope perhaps God will enlarge our outreach to other places.
Every time we visit and minister we are reminded of how much these people need not only the message we bring, but the contact and warmth of another person caring.
We have had so much positive feedback from the residents that we minister to. Many have expressed that they look forward to our team coming and enjoy it so much, singing the old Hymns, hearing
God's Word and encouragement and the visiting afterward.We see God is moving and touching hearts in these places.
We are trusting God to lead us so that many may come to salvation or the return of prodigals.Also that hearts and souls be healed.
We would love to see one or two more people added to the team, as sometimes due to illness or other responsibilities not all of the team can attend every time, we want to have several there to
visit and minister to the people.
We thank Him for His hand in all things.

Submitted by: Gail Grandel